Join Quentin James and the Centennial Movement, as they strive to seat progressive-thinking youth on the NAACP Board of Directors!



ATTORNEY PATRICE AMANDLA SULTON is a life member of the NAACP. She needs your support to become the youngest adult member of the Association’s National Board of Directors.

If elected, Patrice Sulton will work tirelessly to ensure that the NAACP’s future is as vibrant and relevant as it has been during the past 100 years. Recognizing the critical need to engage young adults in our continuing civil rights struggle, Patrice Sulton promises to focus her efforts on increasing ten-fold the number of NAACP members aged 23 to 35.

Setting an example by her own conduct, while in law school full-time, Patrice Sulton took what little money she earned to pay for her NAACP Life Membership. As a 2006 Kellogg Law Fellow, Patrice Sulton worked long hours for our national office’s Legal Department in Baltimore Maryland, and for our Washington Bureau. She has been actively involved with the Denver, Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin, branches since the age of seven.

As a student at George Washington University Law School, Attorney Sulton worked on issues such as criminal justice, jury diversification, ex-offender reentry, police brutality, fair housing, equal educational opportunity, voting rights, and interethnic conflict between Blacks and Latinos. Upon graduating in 2008, the Law School conferred upon her its coveted Thurgood Marshall award for demonstrating exemplary commitment to civil rights and civil liberties.

As of 2009, Attorney Sulton is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey, and is now a resident of Jersey City. She is uniquely suited to address the crucially important tasks of capturing the attention of young adults, harnessing their boundless energy, marshalling their vast resources, and energizing them to fight for civil rights as members of the NAACP.

Shirley Chisholm once proclaimed, “I don’t measure America by its achievement but by its potential.”

The NAACP’s future begins NOW!
Our candidate is Patrice Sulton!!!


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